27 intelligence agents to die by hanging for killing teacher

27 intelligence agents to die by hanging for killing teacher



27 intelligence officers who tortured a detained classroom teacher to death have been sentenced to death by hanging by a Sudanese court.

The Sudanese court, Monday, sentenced the officers to death by hanging over the killing of the teacher in February.

The teacher, Ahmed Al-Khair, was arrested during protests that led to the overthrow of former president Omar al-Bashir.

The latest sentence is the first time courts have handed down convictions over crackdowns on demonstrations in the months before and after Bashir was toppled in April.

Thirteen defendants were reportedly sentenced to prison terms and a further four were acquitted in the verdict, which could face several stages of appeal.

The death of al-Khair in the eastern town of Khashm al-Qirba became a rallying point during 16 weeks of protests against Bashir’s rule.

Khair’s family said that security officials initially claimed he had died of poisoning, though days later a state investigation found he had died of injuries from beating.

Hundreds of people rallied outside the court in Omdurman where the verdict was delivered, some waving national flags or holding pictures of Khair.

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