Afghanistan: Taliban jettison women’s ministry, renames ‘morality police’

Afghanistan: Taliban jettison women's ministry, renames 'morality police'


Afghanistan Taliban are playing out their agenda of suppression of the country’s women-fold as they have renamed the women ministry.

They have reportedly shut down the women’s affairs ministry and replaced it with the ‘Morality police’ a department that once enforced strict religious doctrines in the country before the US invasion in 2001.

A social media post on Friday, September 17, showed that the Taliban removed the sign at the ministry and replaced with another sign for the ministry of ‘virtue and vice’ also known as ‘morality.’

Part of the footage showed some women employees outside the offices, pleading with the Taliban to let them return to work.

Afghan women in the last 20 years had gained a number of basic rights, but that progress seems to be halted by the Taliban’s new all-male interim government.

Human rights bodies have denounced the virtue and vice ministry for silencing dissent, violently enforcing restrictions on citizens especially women and girls but the government insists that the institution is important.

“The main purpose is to serve Islam. Therefore, it is compulsory to have a Ministry of Vice and Virtue,” a Taliban member, Mohammad Yousuf, told the New York Post.

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