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After 57 days in isolation, Benue COVID-19 index case accuses NCDC of plot to kill her

After 57 days in isolation, Benue COVID-19 index case accuses NCDC of plot to kill her


The Benue state COVID-19 index case, Mrs. Susan Idoko Okpe, has again cried out to the Nigerian government to help her regain her freedom.

Mrs. Okpe has been kept in the Abuja quarantine center for 57 days against the recommended 14 days within which a coronavirus victim is expected to manifest symptoms or declared free of the virus.

In a new video recording she did on Tuesday, Mrs. Okpe asked the NCDC to explain what exactly they want from her. She asked if the intention of the agency was to kill or poison her and insisted she is not sick and has not been treated for any ailment since she was admitted for COVID-19.

According to her, she has been tested five times for the virus, that her sample was taken last Thursday for the fifth test and up till now, she has not been told the outcome of the test. She is pleading with the authorities to release her and let her go home to be with her family members.

Her words: “My name is Susan Idoko Okpe nee Lawani coming to you from my incarceration or detention center. This is my 57th day of incarceration….57th day of detention.

“I don’t know what to do anymore. I have been tested five times. My last test was on Thursday the 14th of May 2020. The NCDC came and took my sample. Up till this very moment that I am talking, nobody has spoken to me, given me any result, nobody has told me anything. I am wondering what exactly are they doing with me?

“I took first test, second, third and fourth and they are saying that I have refused to take further tests. I have taken the fifth test already on Thursday.

“Please Nigerians, can somebody ask the NCDC what they want to do with me?

“I am not sick, I have never been sick since I have been here for the past 57 days.

“I have not taken any medication. I have not fallen ill. I have not had a headache. I have not coughed and I am still here. I am locked up.

“Please Nigerians, can somebody help me ask because I am really tired. I miss my children, I miss my grandchildren. I am locked up here, nobody comes to see me. I am locked up in Isolation ward. I only peep out to get my food from people whom I trust that bring my food to me.

“Please I beg of Nigerians, help me ask the NCDC or whoever is in charge, why am I being locked up here? What crime have I committed? If I have committed any crime, can they please arraign me before the court of law so that I know my fate. I am just locked up here for no reason. I am not sick. I am not sick. I have not taken any medication. Absolutely nothing wrong with me.

“Please I don’t know what to do anymore and I don’t know what they want to do with me anymore. NCDC please! Give me the result and let me know what you want to do with me but as I sit here, I am not sick. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me. They don’t give me anything. They don’t feed me. My children have to ask people to bring food for me.

“Nigerians, please ask them for me what they want to do with me. I have done five tests already and I am still here. NCDC please I am begging. I don’t know what you want to do with me. Maybe you want to kill me.. maybe  you want to poison me. If not what else do you want with me?”

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