Ban of Okada, tricycle will increase crime in Lagos state- Rotimi Amaechi


The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has expressed fears that the recent ban of commercial motorcyclists, known as Okada riders and tri-cyclists in Lagos State will increase the rate of crimes in the state.

Amaechi who was speaking on Channels TV Sunrise Daily explained that the decision by the Lagos State government would throw the affected persons out of job and if they are not given alternative jobs, may resort to crimes.

The minister stated that it is not under the jurisdiction of the federal government to tell state governments what to do as implementation of transport policy is essentially a state affair.

He said;

“I don’t know the reason why the Governor of Lagos state banned it; only he can tell you. I am sure he made his decision based on the interests of a majority of Lagosians.

“But he has a problem to face, which is unemployment and increase in crime.

“Implementation of transport policy is essentially a state affair. So you can’t be telling a state whether they want ‘okada’ or tricycles or not. That’s not our responsibility. It is for the state government to decide what to do.

“Speaking as a former Governor, when I was in Rivers State, they were using motorcycles to rob and kidnap people; and the police could never get them because they were using cars; so I banned motorcycles and we had peace. The number of accidents was also high – the orthopaedic hospital was full every day.

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