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Boko Haram terrorists execute 5 Aid workers In Borno

Boko Haram terrorists execute 5 Aid workers In Borno


Boko Haram terrorists have executed four aid workers and a security guard in Borno State saying that men were working for infidels.

A video surfaced online showing the execution of the five men by masked Boko Haram terrorists in military camouflage.

A voice in the video was heard speaking in Hausa before the execution, saying that the five persons were working for infidels.

“Those of you that are being used by infidels to turn others to infidels, know this today oh, you who work for infidel groups, you satisfy their aims but they do not care about you and that is why when we catch you they do not show concern.

“Our call to you is to repent and follow Allah; we shall waylay you in all the roads that you follow and if you don’t listen, the fate of these ones will befall you,” the voice said.

Shortly after the speech the execution immediately followed at the cue of another voice that said “bisimillah.”

It is believed that the slain men are aid workers captured during a raid in Monguno Local Government of Borno State on June 13, 2020.

They include staff of the Borno State Emergency Management Agency, Action Against Hunger, Rich International, International Rescue Committee and a security guard.

The execution reportedly came after the terrorists demanded the sum of 500,000 dollars to release them.

One of the executed men was identified as a colleague by a staff of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) who pleaded anonymity. The executed man had also featured in a recent video where they spoke from captivity pleading with the government to intervene.

The incident is happening amidst call by the Nigeria Senate for President Buhari to fire the service chiefs.

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