Danladi Umar’s public conduct and his Biafran Boys

Police haunting traders who videoed CCT chairman assaulting security guard,


By Chukwuemeka Otuchikere

Mister Danladi Yakubu Umar, chairman Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) was not in his usual elements this last Monday. Away from the hallowed chambers of the Tribunal, where he is the law, he stepped into what can be termed the real world of everyday Nigeria. He hardly could stomach the fact that a lowly security guard, or a glorified ‘mai-gad’ in uniforms could give him directive on where to park or not to park his exotic vehicle. As far as he is concerned, the traffic rules of the shopping plaza were temporarily suspended.

Of course, Mr. Umar, not accustomed to any opposition whatsoever, was accompanied by his security details, as he visited the Banex Plaza Wuse Abuja for some urgent business that required his personal attention. Did I hear somebody suggest the sex toy shop? No, nothing like that. We understand that Banex plaza, the scene of the commotion is exclusively dedicated to phone and computer business.

The reasoning is that, any right thinking Nigerian merely sighting the police orderly will recognize that this was not an ‘ordinary’ Nigerian. Unfortunately, the guard Mr. Clement Sargwak obviously an alien or probably a ‘Biafran’ and deserved to be taught a lesson as he got the beating of his life. That he Umar met some ‘Biafrans Boys’ at the plaza was information Nigerians lifted from official press released by the office of CCT chairman signed by one Ibraheem Al-Hassan who claims to the Head, Press and Public Relations CCT Headquarters.

The press release was apparently dispatched to press in a flash without proper proof reading as the announcement was evenly punctuated with errors. Obviously, mister Ibraheem wanted to ensure that only the ‘true’ story got to the public first hand. But the English idiom ‘more haste, less speed’ played out. The press statement itself turned out a scandal of a document. It has generated a barrage of comments online, many of us are really blushing as we begin to wonder how the alma mater of the overzealous script writer will be feeling right now. A man holding such sensitive office was so much in a hurry that he posted a potpourri of jargon to the world. Talk about being under pressure to release such muck. That our public officers regularly embarrass the nation with harebrained logic is no longer news, but this one steals the oscars!

That Umar alleged that he was accosted by some Biafrans is worthy of investigation. I believe another case of porous national borders. However, the crux of the matter is the manner in which Mr. Umar conducted himself. It is now confirmed that most Nigerian public office holders have pretty ‘short fuse’ and are liable to explode at minimal provocation. It played out in the case of Senator Elisha Abbo, then Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) though an ex-public servant. The display of poor public conduct by a man vested with so much power speaks volumes about the calibre of men being recruited to man sensitive positions across the nation.

Otuchikere, is an entrepreneur and social commentator can be reached via ecotuchi2000@yahoo.com

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  1. It should actually read Danladi Umar’s public misconduct…………..

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