Governor David Umahi in the Valley of Decision 

Governor David Umahi in the Valley of Decision


 By Chukwuemeka Otuchikere

Governor David Umahi is one of the stars among a plethora of stars in the southeastern geopolitical horizon. He has distinguished himself in the governance of Ebonyi state, a state on the fringes and little reckoned with some few years back.

However, all that has changed now and Ebonyi state glitters like the jewel of Southeastern Nigeria.

Umahi has actually displayed that he is not a civil engineer by title alone but a man who has practical hands-on experience in carrying out road infrastructure projects and major civil construction works. The people of Ebonyi have benefited from his uncommon expertise in building and construction.

Umahi has put Ebonyi on the map. A couple of years back she was more renowned for ‘Abakaliki rice; that notoriously stony paddy rice harvested in Ebonyi state and environs. Today, the story is no longer rice but that Ebonyi state can boast of some of the best road networks east of the Niger. Coupled with a few flyover bridges scattered across the state. The governor has given the rural communities a sense of belonging as they have easier access to markets for food crops and other investment opportunities.

The sleepy agrarian state has undergone noticeable transformation under the administration of Governor David Umahi, a man reputed to have the ‘Midas’ touch. The joke in some quarters is that while some other governors are busy building skyscrapers with their mouths, Umahi is building them practically in Ebonyi state.

The general feeling among political pundits is that Umahi will make a difference if his leadership skills and expertise is deployed to the Federal. While there appears to be a consensus, the challenge is what route will take him to the palace. Speculations are rife that he is at the point of taking a major political decision regarding his future in politics. Many say he has more creativity and energy than to follow the route of least resistance into the Nigerian senate; a destination that is fast becoming more like the retirement home of many ex-governors.

It is general knowledge that he has almost exhausted his second term as governor. Given his performance and score card, it will not be out of place for him to aspire for higher office. While his numerous admirers hold their breath, we can only but wish him good luck in his future endeavors having served so excellently the good people of Ebonyi state.

God speed Mister Governor.

Otuchikere, an entrepreneur and social commentator can be reached via : ecotuchi2000@yahoo.com

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