HND graduates can’t rise above GL-14 in civil service, FG insists

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The hopes of holders of Higher National Diploma of ever rising to the highest echelon in the civil service has been dashed as the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Winifred Oyo-Ita, has said that HND graduates cannot rise above Grade Level 14.

Oyo-Ita however, noted that an exception to this policy is if such a person acquires an additional degree for his or her conversion to officer cadre that terminates at Grade Level 17.

Oyo-Itra made the clarification while briefing newsmen on some of the achievements of her office under the Change Agenda 2015-2018. 

“This issue of HND/B.Sc dichotomy came up after the last National Council on Establishment and I think a lot of people are still confused about the policy. What was approved by the Council was that henceforth the HND holder can enter at the same level with B. Sc, which is level 08.

“But the issue of where they stop still remains that they will terminate at Grade level 14 unless they are able to acquire additional relevant degree that can now convert them to officer cadre,” she said.

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