How 2-year-old girl escaped abduction during armed robbery

By Clare Nwaiwu

A two-year-old, Nursery One, girl of a missionary school in Abuja, on Saturday, narrowly escaped being abducted by dare-devil armed robbers who snatched her father’s Kia car at gunpoint.

The incident happened around 8.10pm when the young girl was in the company of her parents who were returning home from a visit to a nearby relative living at Trans-Engineering Estate, around Dawaki Extension, Abuja.

An eye-witness who would not want her name disclosed, told Education Tell that while the girl and her parents were driving back to their residence, located near the Red Brick Market, along the Old Catholic Church Road, Nitel Phase 4, Dawaki, off Dutse Alhaji, they were unaware that two vehicles were trailing behind them.

According to the eye-witness, as soon as they got to the gate of their residence, shortly before the Mai-guard would open the gate, some men alighted from the other vehicles and began to exchange hot words with the girl’s father.

Before the couple realized that the men were armed robbers, one of the robbers drew out a pistol and shot in the air. He started threatening to kill the girl’s father if he did not hand over the car’s keys to him.

At this time, the robbers had ordered the couple to get down from the car and lie down on the muddy floor, which they obeyed.

As one of the robbers entered into the Kia vehicle and was about to zoom off, the mother of the girl quickly remembered that their two-year-old daughter was still inside the back seat of the car. She jumped to her feet and forced open the back seat door, dragged out the little girl before the robber sped away with the car.

The girl’s father was said to have visited the Dawaki Village Police Station to make his complain but met only one woman police officer who could not attend to him because she was the only person on duty at that time. He was rather advised to take his complaint to the Dutse Alhaji Police Station that night.

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