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How Hushpuppi’s Instagram posts led to his arrest

 How Hushpuppi's Instagram posts led to his arrest


Ramon Olorunwa Abbas a.k.a Huspuppi’s flagrant display of wealth which he lavishly displays on social media led secret detectives to fish him out.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, revealed how Huspuppi’s Instagram posts prompted a secret investigation that led to his arrest.

His flashy Instagram posts raised eyebrow and triggered the interest of the FBI in his affairs.

In one of such provocative posts which he shared with the hashtag #AllMine, Hushpuppi wrote: “Started out my day having sushi down at Nobu in Monte Carlo, Monaco, then decided to book a helicopter to have facials at the Christian Dior spa in Paris, then ended my day having Champagne in Gucci.”

The FBI also revealed that Hushpuppi shared a post where he was standing with a number of Bentleys, Mercedes, Ferraris, and Rolls-Royces.

The secret agency added that “with some very key information, he had his email and phone number saved to his Instagram and when our boys here at the Bureau did a little digging, we were able to link the financial transactions and transfers known to be associated with co-conspirators.”

Hushpuppi also shared a picture of his birthday cake with a cake baked in his image and a Fendi logo on top.

The FBI also revealed that through that post, “investigators were able to verify his date of birth from a previous US visa application.”

According to the FBI, they swooped on their target immediately “We had all we needed”.

Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai on July 2 and was then sent to the FBI in the US and held custody at the Metropolitan Correction Centre in Chicago.

The FBI listed his assets that were seized: Almost $41 million in cash was seized from him at the time of his arrest. He was also in possession of luxurious vehicles worth $6.8 million which were all confiscated by the FBI.

The FBI stated that the magnitude of his allege crime was overwhelming though the nature of the crime  was nothing new.

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