Joe R. Biden defeats Trump, becomes US 46th president

At last, Trump concedes defeat as Congress certifies Biden’s victory


The tension-soaked United States presidential election has been won and lost with Democratic candidate, Joe Biden emerging as the country’s 46th president.

The former Vice President of the acclaimed most powerful country in the world, defeated incumbent Donald Trump in a keenly contested election which took place on Tuesday.

Bidden narrowly won the key battleground states including Pennsylvania launching him into over 270 Electoral College vote against Trumps 213.

The election witnessed the highest participation of Americans in any election in the history of the United States. While Biden garnered over 73 million votes Trump got nearly 70 million the second highest tally in history.

With this victory, Mr Biden who this election is his third shot at the presidency, has becomes the oldest man ever to be elected to the White House at 77.

Equally historic is the in-coming vice president; Kamala Harris the first woman in American history as well as the first African American.

Without doubt, Biden will be confronting daunting challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic which has dealt the country a deathblow.

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