Lai Mohammed denies social media bill’ in international interview

Lai Mohammed denies social media bill' in international interview


Nigerians have taken Minister of Information, All. Lai Mohammed, to the cleaners over an interview with a foreign media in which the minister claimed that he was unaware of the ‘Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulations Bill’ now dubbed “Social Media Bill”.

DW’s Tim Sebastian in the interview in London, pointed out that the bill has some draconian provisions in which journalists can be imprisoned for publishing content.

When asked if he is against the bill or not, Lai Mohammed asked Tim who the author of the bill is, adding that he is not aware of the bill.

Tim Sebastian who expressed shock that a Minister of Information would not know if such bill exists, retorted by stating that the bill is causing an outcry internationally.

Lai Mohammed, however, vehemently insisted that, “there’s no such bill before the House, I can say that with relative authority”.

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