Malami makes case for agency for herdsmen

Malami makes case for agency for herdsmen



Nigeria’s Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami (SAN), has recommended for the federal government to create an agency to regulate the activities of herdsmen.

Malami gave the recommendation on Tuesday, during his address as a special guest of honour at the Peace, Unity, and Security Lecture Series which held at the ECOWAS main auditorium, Abuja.

Malami owned up that the crisis between the herdsmen and farmers had become a pressing issue and steps were needed to tackle it.

He also called for the revitalization of the Nomadic Education Commission.

“Nigeria is predominately agricultural in nature and by geography. To that extent, there is constant mobility of herders across the different belts of Nigeria. It is perhaps time to consider the setting-up of a commission for pastoralism regulated by law.

“This might provide recipes for resolving protracted farmer-herder conflicts. The commission may even engage in or facilitate in-depth analytical studies with a view to providing lasting solutions for the benefit of people and the country.

“Revamping of the activities of the Nomadic Education Commission is with a view to complementing the efforts of the government in resolving the farmer-herder clashes,” Malami said.

He reiterated the federal government’s commitment to support initiatives and programmes that would help resolve the protracted farmer-herder crises in the country.

The AGF came up with ways for a peaceful Nigeria including strict adherence to the rule of law; respect for the sanctity of the fundamental human rights in all ramifications. This, he said, includes freedom of movement and the right of citizens to stay at whatever part of the country they desire to and other provisions as contained in Chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

According to him, “the better approach towards resolving the crisis over the short, medium and long terms is to directly involve the stakeholders in coming up with solutions at the conception, implementation and monitoring phases.”

Malami also called for the creation of regulated grazing reserves to replace the “Burtali” or “Hurumi” pastoral system.

Some of his other recommendations are “intensive enlightenment of livestock breeders on the need for sedentary farming and transhumance agriculture as a complementary economic process to nomadic farming, the provision of water holes in remote grazing locations, subsidised veterinary care, and mobile ambulatory services for surgeries and other medical interventions for livestock as well as the provision of infrastructure – social amenities, educational facilities, and cattle markets at central locations to accelerate nomadic settlements

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