Nigerian man shot dead during shootout in the US

Nigerian man shot dead during shootout in the US


A Nigerian man, Kamilu Boyede, 50, has been killed during a deadly shootout which occurred on Wednesday morning.

The Wichita Police Department which made this known in an announcement on Wednesday evening, disclosed that the incident occurred at a home in South Ida. Neighbors were sad to have called the police around 11 a.m, after seeing a door left open at a home in the 600 block of South Ida.

An officer of Wichita Police Department, Captain Wendell Nicholson said;

“We talked to some neighbors in the area and they indicated that this morning at about 12:30 they saw an unknown male walking in the area.

“They were concerned because earlier this morning they heard some shots fired, they didn’t call the police, but this morning when they walked ppast the residence in the 600 block of South Ida, they saw the door was ajar so they contacted 911.”

Following an investigation, police aver the incident occurred sometime after midnight and before 3 a.m. They believe the killing wasn’t a random act, that Boyede was a target.

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