‘Nigerians are using hand sanitisers for bacteria rather than virus’

‘Nigerians are using hand sanitisers for bacteria rather than virus’


Unknown to many Nigerians the hand sanitisers they are using can only effectively prevent bacteria infections and not viral infections.

This was the shocking observation made recently by the Minister of Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola at an event.

At the said event, sanitisers were distributed freely to every participant after a coronavirus screening had been carried out on them and a form filled by them about their recent health history.

During the event, the minister who was given the microphone to speak told the audience that many people had been using the hand sanitisers given to them without bothering to read through the leaflets pasted on the sanitisers.

According to him, after he read through the leaflet, he discovered that the sanitiser was meant for bacterial infection and not virus.

He told the audience that a bacteria sanitiser would not be effective in preventing a virus and so people should look for sanitisers meant for virus.

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