President Trump and his Nigerian Christian constituency

President Trump and his Nigerian Christian constituency


-Chukwuemeka Otuchikere

The much awaited United States presidential elections has come and gone. While it is apparent that the 270 Electoral College votes required to win has been attained by President-elect Joe R. Biden, I personally sympathize with our brethren in the Nigerian Christian community here at home who are visibly shaken and disappointed that Mr. Donald Trump failed to return to the ‘White House’. I understand the emotions having equally seen my preferred candidate lose elections sometimes. Year 2015 Nigerian presidential election readily comes to mind. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan lost to Muhammadu Buhari and we thought it was the end of the world and that Armageddon was at hand. Though it has not been rosy, but we are still thriving and it is not the end of the world yet.

So what is my drift? The Christian community in Nigeria needs to brace up and carry herself with dignity in the face of this ‘so-called’ predicament. I will not call it a tribulation yet because our cousins in the evangelical community in America have not yet resisted unto death. They are comfortable doing well and many times don’t speak up loud enough concerning the challenges their brethren in sub-Saharan Africa have to live with on a continuous basis. They are the least informed about happenings around the world. Many of them may not be able to accurately point out Nigeria on a world map.

The question therefore is: in the four years of Trump’s presidency what did sub-Saharan Africa benefit? While it is true that world terror groups reduced their activities especially ISIS, but you may be shocked to note that Boko Haram became more emboldened in northern Nigeria, while bandits and kidnappers had a field day across the nation. So, in other words, the Nigerian menace was not high in Trump’s agenda.

Trump returned prayers to American schools we all rejoiced, did it affect the state of our dilapidated school infrastructure back here in Nigeria? Trump fought ObamaCare and promised more affordable health services to Americans who already enjoy one of the best healthcare in the world. Did this in anyway affect our access to primary healthcare and stop our politicians from looting our commonwealth to put in American banks? Trump’s promise and focus was to make America great again! Nigeria did not feature in the picture so am disturbed as I see Nigerians in Nigeria get so emotional over American elections. While back home our government is threatening to further suppress free speech by regulating social media.

I am not a big fan of Mister Trump not because I hate him as a person, but because his policies and pronouncements do not resonate with my core values as a Bible believing Christian. He never openly condemned racism and oppression of minority groups but appeared to delight in the travails of sick and handicapped people. Even openly mocking them and calling them losers. Many African-American felt they ‘could not breath’ under a Trump administration. In my opinion, he did not empathise or show sympathy, which does not properly represent Christian virtues in the public domain.

Christians in Nigeria should show more concern for the state of our nation which is currently drifting into anarchy given the spate of lawlessness displayed by those in authority and manning our security. We see blatant disregard for the rule of law, at the Lekki toll plaza where young people were not given opportunity to carryout peaceful demonstration against bad governance. Some had to pay the supreme price because they dared to speak up and speak out!

The Lord admonished that we should remove the log in our eyes before taking out the speck in our neighbour’s eyes.

Otuchikere, is an entrepreneur and social commentator. Can be contacted on [email protected]


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