Protesters destroy 100-year-old statue honoring slave trader in England over George Floyd killing

Protesters destroy 100-year-old statue honoring slave trader in English over George Floyd killing


Demonstrators under the umbrella of ‘Black Lives Matter’ in England have destroyed a statue of more than 100-year-old celebrating a slave trader.

The protesting crowd in Bristol dismantled the memorial statue honoring merchant slave trader, Edward Colston while protesting the murder of George Floyd.

They used ropes to remove the bronze statue of Edward Colton from its base, then dragged it to the River Avon and threw it in the water, where it quickly sank.

The statue had been a fixture in Bristol since 1895, as a tribute to Colton, who traded approximately 84,000 African men, women, and children to the Caribbean and North America.

There have been a number of petitions demanding the statue be dismantled, however, nothing was done, so the demonstrators decided to take matters into their own hands.

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