School teacher arrested over protest dies in detention

A Sudanese School Teacher who was arrested following a protest he participated in the east of the Country, has died in detention, family members said on Saturday.

The family member of the 36-year-old man said he was arrested at his home on Thursday after protests in the town of Khashm al-Qirba, adding that security officials had told them he died of poisoning.

He had marks of being beaten on his body, the family said.

Security officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Other protesters, including Students and activists have held almost daily demonstrations across Sudan since Dec. 19, 2018, calling for an end to economic hardships and mounting a sustained challenge to President Omar al-Bashir’s 30 years stay in power.

Rights groups say at least 45 people have been killed in the protests, while the government puts the death toll at 30, including two security personnel.

Bashir has shown no sign of conceding power and has blamed the protests on foreign agents, challenging his rivals to seek power through the ballot box.

The country’s information ministry said on Tuesday Sudan’s intelligence and security chief had ordered the release of all those detained during the protests.

However, security forces detained the daughter of opposition leader Sadiq al-Mahdi, her family said.

Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court over charges, which he denies, of masterminding genocide in the Darfur region.

He has been lobbying to have Sudan removed from a list of countries, along with Syria, Iran and North Korea, that Washington considers sponsors of terrorism.

That listing has deterred the influx of investment and financial aid that Sudan was hoping for when the United States lifted sanctions in 2017, economists say.

Sudan has been rapidly expanding its money supply in an attempt to finance its budget deficit.
However, that has caused spiraling inflation and a steep decline in the value of the country’s currency on foreign exchange markets.

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