Stop breaking bones with teeth, Dental surgeon tells older people


The Chief Dental Surgeon of the University of Ilorin Dental Clinic, Dr Hassan Kalejaiye, has cautioned older people, especially those over 50, to desist from breaking bones with their teeth while eating.

According to the surgeon who gave the counsel while speaking with journalists on Tuesday, the teeth became more fragile as one grew older.

He urged people to avoid consumption of junk food, and go for regular checkups to keep their teeth healthy.

“To maintain pain-free teeth throughout one’s entire life, people should brush their teeth daily with fluoride toothpaste and clean in-between the teeth with dental floss, a water flossier, or a similar product.

“This helps to remove plaque and leftover food that a toothbrush can’t reach.

“Furthermore, the toothbrush used should not be too hard or too soft, instead, it should be medium.

“Soft brush will not clean the teeth well, while the hard brush will destroy the gum,” Kalejaiye said

He further said that chewing sticks could clean the teeth, but noted that it was hard to tell which posed danger to the teeth between hard and soft chewing sticks and urged people to avoid brushing the teeth with all their strength.

“Pregnant women as well as children under the age of eight should avoid using tetracycline, as the drug discolours the teeth of the baby,” Kalejaiye said.

He said the mouth is the mirror of the body, and that Dentistry was a profession that helped people regain their self-confidence.

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