Teenager who accused Ogun state commissioner of sexual assault withdraws case

Ogun sexual assault scandal: Commissioner still has case to answer- Police


After causing the suspension of a commissioner in Ogun State by accusing him of sexual assault, 16-year-old Barakat Melojuekun, has withdrawn from the case

Barakat, over the weekend, accused Ogun state Commissioner of Environment, Abiodun Abudu-Balogun, of sexual assault.

The teenager’s father, Adesola Melojuekun, also announced that he was withdrawing from the case.

Barakat had in a released viral video alleged that the commissioner connived with her uncle and a teacher from another secondary school to lure her to his house, where he allegedly sexually harassed her by touching her breasts.

The Ogun state government on Sunday, January 3, announced the suspension of the Commissioner pending the outcome of an investigation into the allegation.

In a new video posted today January 4, however, Barakat claimed there were misunderstandings between her and the commissioner.

“I am the girl in the viral video on sexual harassment by the commissioner for environment, Mr Abiodun Abudu-Balogun. I am using this opportunity to thank all meaningful Nigerians that showed their support to this matter.

“I want you to know that there were few misconceptions and misunderstanding between I and the commissioner.

“I now want to use this opportunity to appeal to all meaningful Nigerians to please allow this matter to rest” she said.

In another video, Barakat’s father, Adesola said he was not interested in making a case with the commissioner. Although he did not refute the claims made by his daughter nor apologize to the commissioner, he appreciated members of the public for their concern and requested that “the matter be laid to rest”.

“I discovered that there were a few misconceptions and misunderstandings along the line between my daughter and the Commissioner. Having discovered this, I deem it fit to inform the public and the international community that this matter should be laid to rest.

“As the father to Melojuekun Barakat, I want to appeal to the public, the international community and the media that I don’t have an interest in this matter again. I am withdrawing my case and I want them to support me the same way they did in the beginning of this matter,” he said.

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