You’ll love this fact coming from the 9/11

You’ll love this fact coming from the 9/11


20 years after the horrendous attack on the World Trade Centre in the USA, intriguing stories of business exploits cannot be forgotten

Just months before that terrorist attack on the US in the September 11, Larry Silverstein an estate mogul purchased the World Trade Centre Complex. He immediately purchased terrorism insurance on the building and requested that if the building ever had an attack, the terms would be “Instant Cash Payout”

Larry ate breakfast right here in his own building every day, at a place called “Windows On The World”. Larry mysteriously did not show up on September 11 the same day of the attack and neither did his daughter who worked on the same building.

The World Trade Centre was destroyed, killing almost 3000 innocent people. After the attack, Larry walked away with$4.5 billion in insurance money


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